Thursday, November 20, 2008


It's a cold gray day today. After some work on the magic box, Jackie and I hit the road for some errands. Nothing fun. Nothing fun at all. But it was nice being with lil miss Jack and it helped me appreciate what she does to hold down the homefort.

Prior today, this week has been awesome. Check out some happenings:
Jackie hit the roadbike with me a couple of times this week. She was decked out in her "jewel thief" outfit: black bike, black helmet, black tights, black jacket, and black shoes. You never know when you might need rob a jewelry store - and Jackie's always ready for anything.
Here's a photo of one of my favorite wooden bridges - and behind that, one of my favorite spots for tempo hill riding.
Here's a cool new BlackSheep bike design. Ready for some bike speak? It has 4" of rear travel, a pivotless frame, chainstays that overlap in the middle so you can tighten the chain, this also means that it can come a part which would be useful if you ever wanted to run a belt drive set up - or pack it up in a Break-Away box. It's like a swiss army knife...or at least one of those tranformers that can be a robot, car, or rhinocerous.
Speaking of BlackSheep - they're promoting a winter RallEye series. I'm there next time around - which is December 7th.
And speaking of bikes, I spotted a Tony Hawk bike line at Target. WTF? Have you ever seen Tony ride a bike? I haven't. Next up will be Tony Hawk rollerblades. Come on dude. You gotta leave us SOMETHING. You already own the skateboard industry.
...and more about bikes - or at least bike rides. I stopped to smell the roses yesterday and this deer paid me a visit. Click the photo to check him out. I'm no hunter, but I think he's a 10 point buck - or something like that.
...and speaking of bikes - or at least bike riders....I must have spent too much time with Jesse Swift, as I unearthed my box of GI Joes to bring back the memories. Funny how small they look now in my full-size hands.

...and speaking more about bikes and youthful pleasures...for all of you Guitar Hero fans and bike riders. Check out the above video. Pay attention to the blinking lights on the bars. Very nice work fellers.


  1. I've ridden over Pennock Pass on my roadie. I might be up for a RallEye.

  2. Now the question is: which bike to take on such a RallEye. I see lots of singlespeeds. Do I dare take my fixie? What's this climb like?

  3. Well . . . it depends on where you start. If you start in Fort Collins and ride up to Pennock Pass, you have to either go around the south end of Horsetooth Reservoir (which is very hilly, with some 12% pitches), go up Rist Canyon, which is quite steep near the top, or go up the Poudre Canyon, which is rather mellow, until you trun left to go up Stove Prarie Road. You "could" ride them all on a fixie, but it would be hard. Once you're at Pennock Pass, the road is dirt, but a very mellow climb over the pass, then down to Pingree Park Road. It really depends on what the route itself is. But hey, I've ridden worse on a fixie:

  4. So are you gonna ride your Pista Mista?
    I'm thinking SS road bike with fat tires and brakes.

  5. I'd like to put a freewheel on it for the downhills and roll my 28cc Ruffy Tuffy tires.