Monday, November 10, 2008

this way and that

Not a whole lot to report this day. I rode my bicycle on the road. I rode it here and there, this way and that way. I saw some art, I scared some birds. I wish I rode in the PDX Single Speed Cyclocross Championships instead. I see they had a foam machine. I love foam machines.

Courtesy - Mr Jason Sager

Stevil Kinevil was there - lucky duck. He wrote me about it says he thinks he 'got pink eye from a stripper pole'. Sounds like Portland was living up to its reputation. Rest assured, the SSCXWC will be on my calendar for 2008

But I did enjoy my new road bike. I feel sorry for this 'Scott' fellow. He must miss his bike. It sure is smooth. In fact, when I ride it I feel like Beavis when he cut off the hair on his head and glued it to his face. I say it to my bike all the time.
We rode south today. Not much to see. Just the road.
Then I made a turn and saw more of the same.
Then we hit the dirt and I broke in the bike for the 1st time. A little rock even hit my down tube. And I cursed that damn rock. But now, this bike is broken in and it feels like MY bike.
Then we headed back home.
On the way home. I saw this sub-division and I asked myself, 'what would make a person want to live here?'. I mean really. Apparently there are many folks that have decided - 'forget cool, old, historic houses. Never mind living in a place with easy access to a food store or a general store for that matter. No - I want to live out in the middle of nowhere - but not alone. I'd like to be surrounded by about 3 dozens houses that look exactly like my house. And I want my direct neighbors to be so close that I can touch them from my kitchen window. Oh yeah...and there needs to be a water tower too. Yeah. That's for me. I GOTTA have that!'

Here are some birds that must not like to be spoken to like crows.
I stopped by Sandstone Ranch. One very cool park with everything for everybody. The skate/BMX park was empty, so I checked it out. Here's one of their bowls. It's really sweet, but to me this is like looking down the barrel of a gun. Maybe in another life.
And there was this really cool piece of art. Not sure what the rings are for. It'd be cool if this was a bike rack. It kinda reminds me of the SlimeBalls logo...
So yeah. That's about it. I did some work this am, I rode my bike. I learned how to overhaul a Maverick DUC fork, I drank a couple Pipeline Porters. Now it's time to see 88 minutes. Wednesday is a big day. We'll determine the dates and locations for 11 Urban Assault Rides in 2009. I better get my fun in now, right?

Oh...and the White Rim ride is just a few days away.

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