Thursday, November 13, 2008

A visit to the mothership

Jackie and I headed up to FtC yesterday for a meeting of the minds. Doing business over margaritas and fajitas are a great way to start the season. We presented them with a large collage of photos and 2008 UAR memorabilia. Hopefully you'll see it up at the brewery soon. Lots of cool memories there for sure.

Before we left, we were presented with a large bevy of beer for the cold winter nights. And I found this little surprise inside a case...
The famous Fat Tire label has been modified to celebrate the winter on 2009. The snow on top of the bike reminds me of the time I rode my Sanchez home from the bar and forgot to bring it inside. Stevil was not very happy with me for that one. "Fixies don't grow on trees", he told me. Lesson learned.
No snow YET in the Front Range of Colorado. It'll come soon enough. Today, I'll hit the hills of Boulder for some training before the BIG DAY on Saturday. a Dirt Century - plus some. I'm bringing over a gallon of water, sandwiches, a double chammy, and my game face. Hopefully Feisty Jack will do some baking for the trip too.

And speaking of beer (we were talking about beer, right?) I just can't get enough of Giddy Up. It's perfect after a ride. It's like NBB's version of Red Bull and Vodka.

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  1. oh - and I learned something today: don't attempt to ride Lee Hill after eating sushi for lunch. Ugggh.