Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chicago - here we come!

We'll be making the rounds to the checkpoints and meeting with our staff tomorrow in Chi-town. We expect about 450 racers on Sunday - another big 1st year event. I have to admit - I'm a bit intimidated by the hugeness of Chicago, but I would imagine you all will make us feel welcome. Nothing like 8 kegs of Fat Tire to help make some new friends, right?

I'm planning on hitting the streets on Friday morning for a little urban ride. Anybody want to recommend a good ride?

Oh...I almost forgot. Here's the 1st Mystery Checkpoint Clue for Chicago...
This is the clue to the 1st checkpoint. Once you reach this checkpoint, you'll get the clue to the next mystery checkpoint. Get it?


  1. Friday AM ride ... from where ever you are staying in Chicago, go East to the lakefront and ride either north to Hollywood or South to the South Shore Country Club and back.

  2. Too bad I have two tests Friday morning or I might join you!

    For urban riding, the loop can be quite a rush pumping through traffic. For relaxed, but maybe crowded, the LSD trail is a nice long stretch north and/or south.

  3. Critical Mass is Friday! People meet up at Daley plaza (Dearborn and Washington)at 5:30p.

  4. Critical Mass looks like the ticket. We're going to borrow some bikes from West Town Bikes and hit it. Our whole crew will be there. Power to the Pedal!