Friday, September 19, 2008

We love MPLS!

We've officially fallen in love with MPLS. You all have quite the sweet city here!
The day started out with a killer urban MTB ride with GeneO. Nice hard pack, tight single track, perfect for singlespeedin. Now I know why the city was once a SSWC venue.

Here are a couple shots from the ride.

I love trails where you bank the turns off the trees, keep it in one gear and just pump through the rollers. Fun the middle of the city no less. I miss riding in the city.
We don't have these Spikey-Poofs in Colorado. I'd hate to see what a poodle would look like after running through these trails.
GeneO: MTB tour guide, purveyor of fine bike art, and ambassador of urban cycling. Thanks for the ride GeneOWe met up with Jack and Hans back at OneOnOne where we enjoyed the warm day and planned another day of work involving runt bike, bike limbo, 8 kegs of beer, and lots of prizes.
And I finally got to visit the infamous OneOnOne basement. Lots to see down in this chamber of wheels, spokes, frames, and derallieurs. If only I had a couple more days in MPLS...

Then we met up with Kevin, the fine fellow who is letting us take over his stellar Freewheel Midtown Bike Center. It's funny how a big space will quickly become small with 500 people. We're planning for some debauchery this Sunday. You all be nice and don't pee in Kevin's sinks. He's a good fella for having us crazy kids spend the weekend.

And I've got to give some props to a couple good friends who received international internet recognition on todays NYC Bike Snob. Sol's bike shop, Austin Bikes is now famous due to the first photo in this post. And Ben sent in the photo at the bottom of the quiz. It was no doubt taken in Boulder. Home of nice bikes, brick sidewalks, and fratboys who need a lesson or two about the concept of the quick release. Nice Job fellas.

Tomorrow, we'll meet almost 500 Minneapolis bicycle boys and girls. Come see us at Old Chicago in uptown MPLS from 12-3. Buy us a drink or two. Sunday, the beers are on us.


  1. If you can swing it before departing, get to either Lebanon Hills or Murphy-Hanrehan for some further MTB'ing. Both are excellent.

  2. You might want to secure some backup kegs if I know this group. :)

  3. Thanks Pete...but I used to be a boy scout - so I'm always prepared. We have 8 kegs ready to go. Time to get some sleep and dream of bike limbo and a bottomless beer cup.

  4. the ride was awesome. thanks for putting in on here! where did you take that photo with the train tracks? i don't recognize it but now I want to ride there!

  5. We rode in "Theo". More here:

    Nice urban MTB ride. Right up my alley.