Saturday, September 6, 2008

What is TDF?

A photo essay...
Tour de Fat is a chance to be yourself (on a bike). Whether you're Hunter S. Thompson...
Or if you're 'riding dirty'....
Or if you're riding high...
Or if you're riding low.
Here's Hans - riding in Swobo style.
Here's Chris - the party's MC - looking over his little shin dig from his crow's nest. (you know you're throwing a big party when you need a cherry picker to see all of your friends). There were like 600,000 people there or something close to that.
Some folks rode in chilled out style...
While others watched in chilled out style.
Once inside the fairgrounds, I rode some 'ridable articles'
..with moderate success.
There were plenty of creative costumes to view from afront
...or behind. (Don't ask me what this dude was going for...but it was eye-catching)
Here's the best costume by far.
Bikes R Coffins
I was a pallbearer for a young lady who traded in her car for a new way of life.
She took home this beautiful Black Sheep and it will be her new best friend.
Without these three ladies, there would be no TDF. These are some of the creative jewels at the mothership of New Belgium Brewing. Thanks for a wonderful day NBB! You know how to throw down!

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  1. FC TDF was AWESOME!!!!!!! Me and my peeps came from Phoenix, AZ to enjoy the biggest bike parade and great brews... hope to see you next year!!!!!!!