Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tour de Fat

New Belgium's Tour de Fat is coming up in Ft Collins this weekend. If you don't know, it's New Belgium's very unique way of spreading the gospel of bikes and beer. It starts with a costume cruise, where it's not just costumes - rather alter-egos that are on display. Then there's plenty of entertainment - bands, art bikes, and of course lots of cold New Belgium beer. It's your chance to ask yourself - "who am I really" - then let your freak flag fly. Since everybody is getting all freaky, those who don't are the odd balls. So Jackie and I were working on ideas today. We originally thought about a Rasta couple, using old bike tubes as dreads. But then, we're not Rastafarian, so that didn't make sense. We thought about some cool costume themes, but then there's a possibility that other would have the same idea. So..no go. In the past, I wore a baby blue leisure suit and my party glasses. Another time I wore a onesy...an old gas station suit, with an afro wig and headband. No real theme for either one, just getting on some comfortable crazy clothes for the festivities. We're still working on it and we'll be sure to post what we come up with. One thing's for sure, Jackie's going to look hotter than me.

Here's one of my favorite costumes ever...
1st check out this video:

Now check this out:

I'm sure not a lot of people got this costume. But those that did must have thought this guy was brilliant.

And something off the topic of this post...but about bike racks.
David Byrne (Talking Heads fame) has put together an art project with bike racks in NYC. Great idea. Useful art, promoting bike transportation. Love it.

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