Saturday, September 20, 2008

That's what I'm talking about...

Alright - time for some shut eye before the MPLS race. We're SO EXCITED - hopefully we get some sleep.

We ended up with almost 500 registrations for Sunday. That means 8 kegs, the most burritos Chipotle can make in 3 hours, and a poo-ton of riders trying to win a couple of bikes. We also have some new demented contests for raffle prizes. Wooohaahaaaa ;)

You Minnesotans have some great TV.
High wheeler bike lessons - sweet! I didn't get any lessons - I just hit it (with chest protection of course.)

Packet pick up went well. Folks are finding creative things to do with our schwag.
Although - you're pimping 3 breweries here brother. I guess it's not so bad as long as NBB is one of them.

Tomorrow is probably the last chance to buy a 2008 Urban Assault Ride hat. Get 'em while they're hot. Jesse Swift (winner of 2008 Denver UAR) is pimping one here above 14,000 ft. Thanks Jesse. Hey you down for Monarch Crest soon?
OK...time to watch Kings of Leon on SNL. MPLS - I hope you like this band, we're playing lots of them tomorrow.


  1. Who makes the Big Wheels that you use?

  2. Man, now I wish I would have used the nicer camera for that pic. Hope you guys enjoyed MPLS! See ya next year! Thanks again!

  3. Great time today! Thanks for coming to Minneapolis and I hope you come back next year!!!1one

  4. Trek makes the bigwheels. They are called "Mods"