Monday, September 22, 2008

Das Winners are....

"Wheels" and "Zito" took home the bikes with a smokin' time of 1:39! And -no they didn't cheat.
Almost 500 riders today at the MPLS Urban Assault Ride. What a killer time.

You can check out the other winner's photos here....and more will be posted very soon. Special thanks to the Freewheel Midtown Bike Center for letting take over the greenway and their space! With the money raised today, MORC will be building new trail for you all to ride - and I can't wait to ride them when we're back for the NBB MPLS UAR round two!


  1. Thanks NB it was a blast! See ya again next year and expect 1000 people (bring more beer!) Next year we'll not ONLY do the quiz bu submit it (Doh!).

    David from Bent Crank Racing (BCR)

  2. Nice work UAR group. The race was awesome. The bike scene is strong in MSP, so you can easily expect 3 to 4 times the registration next year. Feel free to expand the boundaries over to St. Paul. Till then!

  3. Sounds like some insider trading going on here with the victors. HMMMM.

  4. No - there's not a way they could have known the mysteries. They were just fast and knew the city well. Keep in mind they've done this for a living - bike messengers have some good experience.

  5. I bummed that people think we cheated ... we figured that OOOBs was one of the stops, but it was simple deduction - not inside info that lead us to that.

    OOOBS was a sponsor, and they were the only one that didn't have a stop scheduled. Pretty simple. Others made the same deduction, so we used our heads - not our connection to OOOBS.

    We rolled the dice and guessed that at worst the Harriet Fairy would send us to either OOOBS or somewhere else, but unlikely we end up going as far south as REI - so it was a good roll of the dice.

    As with messenger race, you try to head the the furthest point out and scoop up the rest - and knowing that the challenges at Chipolte and Penn would get clogged (we started in the 2nd wave) we decided to go with intuition and go to REI first and rely on speed and our knowledge of the streets as an advantage if we had to backtrack.

    And yes, many years for both Zito and I as messengers, dispatchers, and many messenger races under our belts (Zito winning Stupor Bowl twice) we know how to win one of these things, and we ride hard.

    To those who think we cheated... politely stuff it.