Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Go Jesse...Go Jesse!

The folks over at Maverick did a little updating on their website with Tate and Jesse getting some playtime!
Here's Jesse and Tate of Team BikeParts.com doing a killer hike-a-bike in the BC Bike Race
And here's Mr. Swift rocking some single track. That's a good lookin' water bottle you got there Jess!

Congrats on the photos guys!

Jesse's still working on the full video of the big wheel racing from last weekend. Trust me - it's worth the wait. When you see it, you're going to do everything you can to join us for the next go-around.

Not much else happening today. Our dog, Maple, ate some poop then took a nap in front of the fire. I think she had a pretty good day - for a dog. It's pretty darn cold in Colorado this week. It was minus 15 yesterday morning. I think that will be the coldest it gets all year. It's been a good week for trainer rides, sponsorship calls, and bringing out the old Atari 2600.

Tomorrow we're headed to the Mothership to start working on the season. Maybe I'll be able to get my hands on some Giddy Up! Speaking of New Belgium, they recently released their sustainability report. If you want to see how the most sustainability-focused company in the world makes it happen - you can check it out here.

Later this week, we'll be hitting the slopes for the 1st time this season. We'll see what craziness we can find at Winter Park and Eldora. But I'm sure whatever it is, it won't be as insane as our big wheel race last weekend. Stay tuned for the video which will include multiple high speed crashes, one dented truck, and about a dozen fellers riding Trek Mods WAY faster than they were intended!

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  1. Its not a big deal, Maverick called my mom and asked if she had any picts of me. You should see the one in the bathtub she gave them! They had to ask her again, for BIKE SPECIFIC photos! ;) - Mr. Swift