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Quiz Answers Revealed!!!!!

OK - it's time. We get asked 1000 of times at each race - When do we get to see the quiz answers!? Well - today is your day and you will finally be able to sleep at night knowing what you missed and what you got right.

For those of you in the dark (who are new to the Urban Assault Ride or decided not to take our infamous quiz), the Bonus Quiz is an optional (but highly recommended) online multiple choice quiz that riders take a few days before the event. It's designed to get you all up close and personal with our favorite things, videos, friends, sponsors, non-profits, and other other things that we think you should know about (like why you should live a more sustainable bike-focused life). Many folks spend hours and hours on this quiz, only to get a 71%. But don't fret - the national average was a 62%. And the high score was only 88%. I wrote the quiz and I got a 92% - so remember - it's not about the's about the journey.

The whole reason that we have this quiz is to divide up all you Urban Assaulters so as to not create too much havoc on the downtown streets all at once. The top scores on the quiz start the UAR 1st. The mediocre students start 2nd...and so forth. Believe me - it's well worth the effort and if you don't take it, you'll wait the longest 5-10 minutes of your life.

Why do we not reveal the answers at each UAR? Simple - we reuse the questions from city to city AND revealing the answers has resulted in some intense debates as to the 'actual' answer to the question. You see, these questions are all off the top of my sick and twisted bicycle-skewed little mind. Most of the answers are correct (I think), but everybody is scored by the same computer - so there's no debate there. A tip for the future if you want to score high on the quiz: read this blog regularly - it could give you a few peeks at my brain cells, which might come in handy someday.

So...enjoy... 2008 Urban Assault Ride Bonus Quiz Answers REVEALED!!!!
(One note: I've only included the questions that we included on ALL quizzes. Local questions are not included. If there's one that is still bugging you, post a comment on the blog and I'll respond with the answer)

Q: What is NOT one of New Belgium’s sustainability efforts? (check all that apply)
- capturing methane gas in their own water treatment plant to heat the facility
- using building materials that were killed by beetles
+ using algae to power delivery trucks
+ donating .1% of revenue to environmental non-profits
- giving employees bikes to ride to work
Explanation: In case you're living in a hole and completely missed all of our messaging, New Belgium Brewing in Ft Collins Colorado is THE poster child for running a sustainable business. Their efforts are truly remarkable and they've helped 'green up' our event as well. We chose to highlight some of those listed on this page. The only two listed that they are NOT doing is using algae to fuel their trucks (but they're working on it - instead they use WVO). Also - they don't donate .1% of revenue to environmental NPs. NO - multiply that number by 10, then include everything they donate through Tour de Fat. New Belgium Brewing walks it like they talk it. It's certainly not the cheapest way to go, but they're doing the right thing. Oh yeah, they make the best beer in the world too!

Q: Earlier this year, we made a visit to bike factory where we saw some bikes awaiting paint. The very bikes we laid our eyes on could end up in between the legs of riders on a famous team which is sponsored by a country known for a unique game. The game involves horses, a handkerchief, and girls whipping boys. What is this game called?
A: Kyz Kuu
Explanation: The factory we visited was of course Trek in Waterloo, WI. Trek sponsors the bikes for the Astana team which is from Khazakhstan - the land of Borat and a rather unique game called Kyz Kuu. I have yet to play this game, but I'm surprised the Seattle/Portland bike polo crews have not started playing this on two wheels.

Q: Approximately how much would you have to spend on Clif Bar ‘Cool tags’ to off-set the CO2 emissions from an average car’s drive from Chicago, IL to Rockford, IL and back?
A: $2
Explanation: We switched up the locations in each citym but the round trip distance came out to approximately 300 miles. Buying 1 Clif Bar Cool tag for $2 offsets 300lbs of CO2 or 300 miles driven in an average car.

Q: Pedros has long been ahead of the industry when it comes to producing sustainable products. One of their products won an award in Outside magazine recently. What is one of the features of the product?
- it's designed to fit bike baskets
+ it has an integrated bottle opener
- it's biodegradable
- it's made of old milk jugs
Explanation: the product we reference here is Pedro's folding work stand that won an Outside Magazine Gear of the Year Award. The one feature that is has which is listed above is the bottle opener, of which there are two (since nobody wants to drink and wrench alone). We have this stand and we love it.

Q: New Belgium puts on another crazy celebration of bike and beer. In each city this event goes to, they give away a beautiful custom bicycle to the person that donates their car (and chooses to live a ‘car-free’ life) to the event’s beneficiary.
This year, the company that makes these custom bikes was recently awarded a prize for building the best bike made of what material? (Fill in the blank – no typos)
A: titanium
Explanation: The bike builder is Black Sheep Bikes, a Fort Collins CO based crew that's pumping out some of the coolest stylin bike frames we've ever seen. At the North American Handmade Bike Show in Portland, Black Sheep was awarded best titanium bike.
Q: What’s the margarita limit at the Rio Grande?
- five ½ size rita - one ‘power bucket’ rita - 2 regular size ritas - 2 large size ritaa + none of the above
Explanation: The answer of course is none of the above b/c the Rio Grande has a 3 drink limit on their wonderful margaritas. The Rio provided food for 3 of the UARs this year and one helluva venue in Fort Collins. Thank you RIO GRANDE!!!

Q: Chipotle sponsors a group of riders that are fond of big European races. On a local training ride, we ran into one of the riders on this team.
> What's this rider's best race result in the last 3 months? (just include the result, not the location)
A: 2nd place, 2, second, or 2nd
Explantion: We were on a ride awhile back and ran into Garmin Chipotle rider Will Frischkorn. The encounter was mentioned on THIS blog post. He races all over the world and his best finish (at the time of this quiz) was 2nd place in the 3rd stage of the one and only Tour de France. (He ALMOST had the win - it came down to the sprint). Nice work though Will!

Q: In Team Wonderbike’s video about commuting to work, what is NOT one of the ways the bike commuter is greeted when he arrives?
- a discoball christening
- a dance party with a bunch of hat-wearing hooligans
+ a slap on the butt
- a high five from a unicyclist
Explanation: This question requires you to watch this video. If you watch close, you'll see that the rider is greeted by everything above - except a slap on the butt....rather he receives a pat on the back. It's the lower back, but it's not the butt.
Q: What are ways that the Keen Commuter sandal is different than Keen's Newport sandal?
+ Commuter has stiffer sole
- Commuter is available in more colors than Newport
+ Commuter has narrower toe box
+ Commuter has mounting hardware for SPD pedal system
Explanation: The Keen Commuter was a very popular shoe in 2008 - Keen sold out of it. So if you got your hands on a pair, you were lucky! It has all of the features marked with a '+', but it was only available in black.

Q: On Swobo’s blog, there’s a post that includes a tattoo with two bike messengers embracing while doing fixed gear skids on winged bikes. What words are written across this tattoo?
A: hug life
Explanation: It takes a lot of searching, but it's worth it. Stevil's blog is dabombdotcom. Yep - check the tattoo here. It was on 3/18/2007

Q: On Trek’s blog, there’s an article about an amazing new technology for bike commuting. In this article, they reference a TV show where people do some very crazy challenges. What are some of the challenge on this show? (Check all that apply)
+ Tricycle challenge
+ Pole vault challenge
+ Velcro wall challenge
+ Rope swing
- hot coal walk
Explanation: This one is a bit tricky. The story referenced a cool automated bike storage facility like this one. They also referenced a Japanese game show called MXC - one of our sources for obstacle ideas ;) It is no longer on their blog, but it was during the season. On the MXC show, there are tons of challenges, but surprisingly hot coals is not one of them.

Q: The founder of Clif Bar wrote a great book paralleling his life journeys with his business journeys. As he describes in this book, what are some of the things that he brought with him on his bike trips around Europe? (check all that apply)
- a cell phone
- chamois creme
+ dancing shoes
- Clif Shots
Explanation: This is from the book "Raising the Bar" the story of Clif Bar Inc. It's a great story and book by Gary, Clif's founder. as he describes in the book, he takes bikes trips in Europe with surprisingly few provisions. The only one that he takes with him (included in this list) are dance shoes (Capezio dance shoes for walking around after the ride). So now you know and knowing is 1/2 the battle. Now go read the book!

Q: The chicken that Chipotle serves is:
> (check all that apply)
+ veggie fed
- never forced to breed
+ antibiotic free
+ given the opportunity to run the 100m dash
Explanation: Chipotle is the country's largest buyers of natural meats. Why is this a good thing? Because the animals are treated humanely and do not live a tortured existance. To see what and why Chipotle does what they do, click here. We're happy to provide only natural foods at the UAR.

Q: One of New Belgium’s beers is named after a dog owned by Kim, one of the brewery’s founders. The breed of this dog was featured in a film about a pig. In this film, what was the ‘password’?
A: Baa, Ram, Ewe
A: baaramewe
A: baramu
A: baramewe
A: baa ram ewe
Explanation: The beer is none other than Mighty Arrow - named after Kim's Aussie/Border Collie Mix. The movie that had this type of dog is one of my personal favorites, Babe. I'm not talking about any of this 'Pig in the City' crap - only the original Babe for me, baby! So, at the end of the movie, Babe saves his owner's reputation by knowing the universal sheep password, which can be spelled any of the ways above.

Q: Swobo sells an item of clothing made of a material that comes from a distant land. Also from this country is a cyclist who many consider to be one of the greatest ever. One time in the Tour de France, he was in a breakaway with a teammate and a rival rider. He rode off the road and into a ditch. What was the name of the teammate that waited for him?
A: Kevin Livingston
Explanation: For sure the hardest question on the quiz and the one most asked about. First you need to know the item of clothing, which is the only product that Swobo makes from German wool - the Bruno Knicker
Every other wool product is merino wool from New Zealand. So now you can find the German rider that went into the ditch - which was none other than Jan Ullrich. So in the race in the 2001 TDF, Kevin Livingson was supporting Jan and they were trying to best Mr. Lance Armstrong. Kevin Livingston is a lesser known racer from Austin, but was instrumental in making Lance the success he is, as Kevin was Lance's climbing/wingman for Lance's 1st two Tour victories. Then he jumped ship and rode for Jan Ullrich, Lance's biggest rival at the time. This crash happened in the 2001 Tour de France and it was Kevin's last tour. You see, both Lance and Kevin waited for Jan to pull himself out of the ditch. And when they were all back together again, Lance gave Kevin 'the look' - which probably meant "silly wabbit! why you riding for Der Kaiser, when you'd be winning with me?!" Why is this important? Well, back in my pro racing days, Kevin was my coach and the whole time I worked with him I wanted to ask him about this day...but kinda figured it was inappropriate. And it makes for a really hard bonus quiz question - here's the crash.

Q: There’s a famous music artist is a big fan of Sweet Leaf Tea. This artist’s Dad is an even more famous music artist. What is NOT a lyric from one of the senior’s songs?
- ‘I feel like bombing a church…”
- ‘Whosoever diggeth the pit….’
+ ‘…a fleeting illusion to be attained’
+ ‘an angry mob is a hungry mob’
Explanation: Sweet Leaf Tea's 'Fridge Photos' shows a shot of Ziggy Marley holding a bottle of their tea. Ziggy's dad was Bob Marley (RIP), of course. The lyrics above with the '-' have been altered. The ones with '+' have not.

Q: According to our fuel partner’s website, what are the benefits of using biodiesel? (check all that apply)
+ better lubricity
+ better fuel economy
+ reduces foreign oil consumption
+ improves the U.S. trade deficit
+ reduces emissions
- 250% higher energy yield than petroleum diesel
Explanation: Blue Sun Biodiesel helped us out in 2008 with B100 biodeisel fuel to help get us around the country. On their site, they explain the benefits one of which is a 220% higher energy yield. This means the Biodiesel fuel provides more than twice as much energy when uses vs the energy required to produce it. 220% - not 250%.

Q: Rudy Project makes a product that was likely named for a particular beach. This beach was the location for a TV show that included a well-known blond actress. This actress was the object of fascination in a recent mocumentary movie. What was the actor's name that starred in this movie?
A: Sacha Baron Cohen
Explanation: The product referenced is Rudy Project's Zuma Helmet. Zuma Beach in CA was a filming location of BayWatch with Pam Anderson. The mockumentary that she was in was Borat. Borat is of course the alter-ego of Sacha Baron Cohen.

Q: Our shoe sponsor named a shoe after a very progressive city that was the 1st to introduce a 'bike sharing' program. What color were the bikes used in this program?
A: white
Explanation: Another tough one. Keen makes a women's shoe named the Amsterdam. Amsterdam was the 1st city ever to use a community bike share program - and the bikes were all white.

Q: Many famous cyclists have competed in Rudy Project glasses over the years. Which is NOT one of them?
+ Juan Pelota
- Big Mig
- El Diabolo
- Der Kaiser
Explanation: In this question, we referenced the riders by their nick names: Der Kaiser (Jan Ullrich), El Diabolo (Claudi Chiapucchi), Bib Mig (Miguel Indurain), and Juan Pelota (Lance Armstrong - Juan Pelota means 'one ball). Lance sports Oakleys, not Rudys.

Q: We invested in some support staff at the Austin UAR that helped us the night before the event. One of the members of this crew was putting his hard-earned money towards what?
- a new hat
- a cheese burger
+ a Harley Davidson
- a Trek bike
Explanation: Putting on the world's biggest bike scavenger hunt is no easy task. We had to bring in some outside help. If you read the sign, the fellow is requesting funds for a new Harley. Although, I think they bought a 12 pack instead of a Harley. It was hot that night - I don't blame them.

So.....there you have it. Answers to some of the season's most highly debated bonus quiz questions. Rest assured that we're already working on ways to test your Googling skills for 2009.

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