Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pennock Pass Coming up...

Lawyer Eric is just as excited as I am for the upcoming RallEye of Pennock Pass. So much so that he made up a map of what's in store for this weekend.

It's a ride I've never done and it looks like quite an adventure. I heard from James at Black Sheep today. He's in and planning to ride a 2x9 cross bike. This is perhaps the most capable machine in the world for such a ride and it's making me rethink my 32x16 SS road bike. Especially with snow in the forecast today and tomorrow - and the ride going over 9000'. Hmmn. What to ride, what to ride?

Our main man Trent in Austin (who is one of the men behind the UAR website) sent us some photos of his rides. Seems he's been bitten by the bike building bug.
Nice jersey dude! Racing the Soma Juice at a TMBRA race I betchu.
My personal favorite. His mom's Holdsworth fixie from the 70's!
Here he is putting the XtraCycle to good use. Is there a better way to carry a longboard? I think not.

In other news Mr. Swift must have been getting nostalgic after my Rad post yesterday. He brought this jewel of a clip to my attention. Nothing like Stevie on Sesame Street.

And another from Jesse. Here's Birdy Nam Nam: a 4-man DJ crew from the land of fromage and pain du chocolate.

Viva la France!

For those of you who find yourself in Boulder on Thursday night, there's a cyclo-documentary at the Boulder Theater called the 9 Ball Diaries. Boulder loves it some cross racing. I might have to go check this out.

And last but not least, we've declared a winner in the Feisty Jack's logo contest. The 1st step to any new business is the logo, right? This logo will soon appear on the best bakery and bicycling items in Colorado. Prepare yourself.


  1. I'm leaning towards the Gios, although the 29er with 32s might be an option.

  2. see - I'm thinking cross bike now!
    Too bad my San Jose is too big for you!

  3. I'm leaning towards the 29er with each passing snowflake. Maybe you can just lend me cross tires.

  4. you got it. I'm thinking fully geared cross bike or fixie with no brakes. Either or.

  5. How about we just ride longboards instead?

  6. if you're talking Waikiki, then for sure. But skating...I think I'm still down for the whiskey ride. Unless you mean snowboarding?
    I'm all confused.