Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The last ride of 2008

The weather man lied. It wasn't 52 and sunny. It was 28 and gray. I hit the road thinking I might warm up - but I didn't in 3 hours. Oh well. Some rides are better than others. I did a ride called Carter Lake because it was not too hilly and I figured the roads would be dry. My camera was in my back pocket but there was nothing to shoot. Just a bucolic ride with plenty of horses, barns, and a snow patch here and there.

Since this was a ride I've done many times and I was riding alone, I felt the boredom set in. Typically when this happens, I just kick it up a notch and ride faster. Not today - for you see I was on my single speed road bike - which rather limits your efforts. So I rode and thought of new UAR logo ideas, New Year's resolutions, and alternated between keeping my hands on the bars and under my arms to warm them up.

I did come up with some things I'd like to improve for next year - as in tomorrow.
  • Business with integrity and sustainability in mind. We are in the business of gather folks around a common topic. The Urban Assault is all about Bikes and Beer and Big Wheels. And when you gather people, there's the opportunity to speak a certain message. Of course we're advocates of the bike. It's the best creation in the world. There are few problems the bike cannot solve. This I've said before. But there's more - we have a pretty large number of partners that we look at very carefully before signing an agreement. We want to make sure that our partners are doing the right things in this world: using natural products, using sustainable business practices, and treating their employees well in the process. We've turned away many companies that want to jump on to the UARs coat tails. Rather than compromising our principles, we choose to focus on deepening partnerships with the companies we love. And hopefully, after your experience with the UAR, you've learned a thing or two as well. We're not preaching, that's for sure. We want to lead by example and our goal is to create your greatest day on the bike - ever. We want to you to bring your friends, meet some of our friends, and we'll bring the beers. So next year, we will walk it like we talk it even more. Examples of what we're doing will be coming soon. It won't be cheap, but you don't live for ever and we want to do what's right.
  • I want to do something that scares me everyday. I'm not talking about a new career as a B.A.S.E jumper (although after watching this video I was rather moved). I mean that I think it's important to challenge the status quo, push your personal comfort limits, and take some calculated risks. There's a Maverick shirt that says "Everything in moderation - even moderation" and I guess I understand it now. Don't be crazy nutz all the time, but push yourself sometimes - and for me I'd like to do this everyday. I'm going to set some big goals this year and hopefully I'll be a better man for it. Some of the things I did in 2008 that scared me: rode a fixie with no brakes down 9th st in Boulder, rode a big wheel down Flagstaff mountain, did a 5 ft+ drop with platform pedals, put on event in the intimidating city of Chicago, and went a month without eating any sugar.
  • Ride every day in 2009. Yep - you heard it here 1st. I'd like to ride everyday next year. Not always long rides, but rides nonetheless. Hopefully it'll start a trend in my life. This could get complicated since we do a healthy amount of traveling. But this is a lot easier than say - surfing everyday for a year. I can ride inside, outside, tons of different bikes, but I got's to ride!!!!
So that's what I got for you today. Hope you have a great New Year's eve and HAPPY 2009!!!!!

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  1. Nice post--can't believe you went a full month without sugar--yikes! Great goals for next year, too--good luck!

    Peace and Happy Single Speed New Year!
    Ride One or Ride None!