Friday, December 26, 2008

Golden Gilded Blingy Bling

Awhile back, we posted info about the exploding market for ultra-luxury urban cycle wear - as exemplified by Rapha's $750 Tweed jacket. Well, it turns out others are following Rapha's example. Check out the above photo of $240 workwear pants from Outlier (which are mostly sold out). There are apparently more cyclists needing a pair of luxury, handmade leggings than the market can sustain. Looks like it's time to resurrect the 7th grade sewing machine skills. There could be a new Urban Assault Ride clothing line!
For all of you ladies who have been looking to be blocked from wind, while floating on a golden chamois - LOOK NO FURTHER. For a mere $359, you can acquire a pair of these fancypants from Assos.
Gucci's even getting into the bike biz. I do like the rad-red leather brake lever covers.
This is the world's most expensive production bike: $112,000 (80,000 euros). It's all gold plated - of course.
For those of you who like only the best - but prefer a more clandestine approach, how about these $130 derailleur pulleys? They SAY they have ceramic ball bearings, but only you and your chain will know the luxury of how these balls roll.

I think these creations are all rather impressive considering that the bicycle is a relatively simple transportation tool and all these companies have devloped to cater to the folks that want to take their facination with two wheels to a much higher level - that of golden gilded blingy bling.

In other luxury bike news, it has been announced that Mr Armstrong will be having his 4th child. It appears that the lady blessing him with the baby is NOT from the celebrity A-list (a departure from his female choices as of late). She's a girl that has yet to appear in the Full House, Almost Famous, or sign songs about a 'morning beer buzz'. Also reported is that the baby was not conceived in-vetro as his other 3 kids have been. No, this baby was made the old fashion way - by accident. It is curious that the news is hidden on websites like VeloNews and CyclingNews. It should also be interesting to see if the birth of this baby (due around Tour de France time) will effect his race performance. Hmmn. Busy dude, indeed.

Seems the Italians are getting creative with the excess bottle openers in their country. This is some fancy - and useful recycling. I love it
Last week, I posted this photo that I took while exploring Longmont's abandoned sugar beet mill. I checked with the local authorities and it turns out that there in fact IS A GHOST trolling around on the ground. Next time I go exploring the mill, I'll keep an eye out for ectoplasm.

OK - 2009 is right around the corner and that means it time to put the on my worky pants. That leaves only a few days for Guitar Hero and bike rides without thoughts of EMTs, Non-profits, and T-shirt quantities on my mind. So....I better get on it!

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