Monday, March 23, 2009

Interesting few day in the world of cycling....

Here are the highlights...

1. Mark Cavendish showed the world what's up at Milan-San Remo. This has always been a race that stands out to be because it is 298km. To those of you not familiar with the metric system, this is 185 one day... at race pace...with the best riders in the world.
It was a super close victory and it again proves that Cav is perhaps the fastest man on a bike.

However, as cool as this victory was, it's not as cool as the salute he gave at a stage win during the Tour of California....

2. Lance broke his collar bone. Levi and Contador were devastated.
3. A new study was released regarding Viagra being a performance enhancer for cyclists. Riders in clinical trials experienced up to 15% gains. I didn't read the article all the way through, so I'm not sure if this means speed or distance or length. Seems to me this might have some negative side effects - especially when you're in an aero-tuck and have to look down to see what gear you're in.

4. In the world of the UAR, we found a new bike for the mini-bike limbo competition. It looks like it has a nice SLR saddle and skyway mags. Sweet. I'm predicting under two feet this year.

Hope you all are riding! Spring is just about here!


  1. Dude! the mini-bike's front cog looks to be bigger than it's wheels!

  2. Check out that dudes calves!