Friday, March 6, 2009

St Louis Adventures

In each city we visit, we do our best to take in the local flora and fauna. St Louis blew us away. We had no idea how cool of it city StL is! We can't wait for the UAR there this August. The photo above is of the monstrous jungle gym at the City Museum.
We did take in some Flaura (thanks to Carl at A&M bikes for the recommendation) at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. These were some of the coolest orchids we've ever seen.
We walked from our hotel to Schlafly Brewery for dinner and couple beers. We were amazed at the architecture, style, and abundance of cool, out of the ordinary things to see. Most of the night time photos didn't turn out unfortunatly.
This morning, we hit City Museum before our flight out. It's this crazy cool place where you can crawl, climb, explore, and see some of St Louis's salvaged materials. It seems that almost everything is recycled - made of used materials.
The outside MonstoCity was the coolest. There were 3 story slides, tunnel grids 60ft off the ground (which I'm in below) and ball pits. It was sooo sweet!

Inside, there were all sorts of rooms. Some with turtles, a life-size walk through whale, a labyrinth-like cave and some really cool salvaged building facades and ornaments from old StL buildings.
This is the ramp room. I've never seen stacked quarter pipes before.
I really wanted my bike in these cool bowls
Antique fun house amusements - with shap-changing mirrors, old pin ball games, and fortune tellers.
And of course, some history like this fellow sporting some inpiration for this weekend's mustache contest.
Being a Man of the Turtles, I found the turtle exhibit very enjoyable. We even rescued a turtle that escaped the tank.In the cave, I uncovered this topless lass hidden amoung the levels
Here's an antique Wurlitzer organ. I wish I could have heard it!
But the coolest thing of them all was the MonstoCity. We're going to see what we can do to bring the UAR racers in here!
And before we knew it, we were back at the airport ready to take off. Unfortunatly, our plane was not one of these cool stretch models.

We can't wait to be back!

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  1. Thanks so much for coming to St. Louis! It was an amazing time. Your comments about the city are very sweet! Sometimes it takes an outsider's perspective to really appreciate what we have...and to realize it.

    Margaret, STL