Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stevil Kinevil: the next New Belgium Brewing UAR hero!

When we choose our New Belgium UAR Heroes, we put ourselves through a rigorous process involving deep consternation, intricate due diligence, and many sleepless nights. And this month, the phoenix to rise from the ashes is none other than Swobo/HTATBL's Stevil Kinevil. You see, Stevil and the Swobo crew do a helluva job pumping out sustainable clothing and killer urban bikes for our lifestyle. And they do with such Xtreme style and justifiable irreverence. I asked them to answer the following questions and send over some photos/images/art that best represents them. Here's what Stevil sent our way....
Here's a photo of Mister Kinevil narrowly escaping the clutches of a Northern California bear. Why else would he ride such a nice bike down such a steep rock, risking life and powder coating? Sheer bravery I tell you.
Apparently the Stevil name is making its way around the world with such momentum that retail stores are opening, just to capitalize on the legendary brand. For example take this upscale chandelier boutique, in what looks to be Romania. It's great to see the Stevil-brand globally diversifying - it's the prudent thing to do in this tumultuous economy.
Here's a photo of Stevil taking his morning walk. He does this to warm up his legs before his bike commute to work. He knows the importance of a proper warm up prior to heavy exertion. Smart man.
And the man not only rides bicycles, he also celebrates their two-wheeled glory in his artwork. For example, the above poster reflects his deep admiration of the bike messenger culture - or perhaps he's just stating the obvious - that "his job is better then your job."
Sometimes, you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don't. Sometimes you rock a microphone when dressed like a member of Kiss. Sometimes you ride a cyclocross bike when dressed like a member of Kiss. You know how it is. (editors note: Stevil sent a correction on this: Oh, by the way, I wasnt a guy from KISS, I was actually dressed as Gaahl from Gorgoroth. I had a rainbow devil horn on my shirt that said 'respect the rainbow' due to the fact that Gaahl had just recently come out of the closet.)
One example of the detailed designs that spill from the mind of Stevil. Much much more, as well as his famous stickers can be found here.

As with all of the New Belgium Urban Assault Ride heroes...Stevil and the Swobo crew will be rewarded with free entries in the pedal-powered bike scavenger hunt of their choosing. Not to mention clothing items for their heads, feet, arms, and soul.

Now - I'd like to present Stevil's answers to some of life's most important questions....
  • Complete this sentence: “There are few problems the bike can’t solve, for example-"... For some reason the tank on my toilet in my bathroom wont always fill automatically. I actually have to turn the water off and then back on again. I'm reasonably sure there isn't a bike that can fix that problem. (editor's note: actually I'm pretty sure a bike could be used to solve this problem. Just see what they're doing with bikes in the tennis industry)
  • What are you personally doing to make bikes and sustainability part of every day life? As I have always done, I try and go through each day with what kind of impression I'm leaving behind me not far from my mind. I attempt to make a similar impact on my surroundings as if I didn't exist at all. Of course that is impossible, but I try and be conscious of that every day. As far as making bikes a part of my every day life, that's easy. I ride one to work, I ride one to the store, I ride one for recreation, I ride one to the movies.. In fact several years ago I was suffering from an Appendicitis and I felt guilty about driving to the hospital.
  • Roth or Hagar? Man, screw you. I'm insulted that this question would even be asked. Diamond Dave for ever and ever.
  • What’s the best bike ride you’ve ever been on and why? The last one and the next one. It beats the hell out of being sick, or walking, or sitting in a car, or being at work, or being audited, or getting a Colonoscopy, or going to the DMV, or watching romantic comedies starring Keanu Reeves, or washing dishes, or going to step class.
  • Tell us a story about you as a kid riding bikes. I was super into BMX, and I wanted so badly to be sponsored by Kuwahara. I sent them a sponsorship proposal when I guess I was nine, and though I didn't have any race results, I let them know all about how high I could jump, and how fast I could ride the length of my driveway, and so on.. Needless to say I didn't make the cut, and I was crushed.
  • What other bike/beer related info do you have to throw down? Asking me that is like asking a fish to tell you a story about swimming.
So there you have it folks. This post tells you a bit about people and things that we admire and if you think you're up our alley...then send Josh your story and could be the next New Belgium Urban Assault Ride Hero.


  1. You just raped any positive stigma from past or future UAR heros with this nomination.

  2. I don't really know what it means to rape positive stigma, but ok. Thanks for sharing your fancy words.

  3. what consternation is obrien's belt?

  4. When do I become a UAR hero?