Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New from St Louis....

We're rocking and rolling in STL this week, setting up another midwest UAR. Things are rolling along smooth as a fresh set of tubeless tires on Colorado single track.
The flight to STL looks like we're taking on a puddle jumper heading to some exotic island location. Nope - we got placed in the last row, next to the bathroom. Nice. Next time you book a flight beware of United "express" flights. But we made it there.
We checked into our hotel room and saw this huge arch outside of our window. I'm going to tell the gov't in Longmont how cool it was. Maybe they'll put one of these bad boys in our hometown. But seriously, the Arch is a sight to see. It's HUGE and it's been here since the 1940s. I can only imagine how cool it was to see when it 1st went up.
In between meetings, we took in a STL tourist attraction - the Anheiser Busch tour. Being quote familiar with New Belgium's size and production, the scale of AB was really amazing. The place was classy indeed.
AB has huge smoke stacks.
NBB has a methane bubble where the methane produced in the brewing process is recollected and used to heat the brewery.
AB has a fleet of montrous horses. Good lookin', but you can't ride them
NBB has a fleet of bikes...and you CAN ride them!
AB has tour guides that escort 2000 visitors a day.
NBB has a slide that accellerates you to 2000mph...well almost.
AB has a tasting room with plenty of flavors. One interesting flavor that was quite popular was Stella Artois. Since they've been aquired by InBev of Belgium, they're selling other brands. Kinda funny to me that all these folks took the tour to learn the splendor of AB, only to drink another company's beer that essentially did a hostile take-over. Jackie chose some American Ale.

Tomorrow - off to STL's bike shops. More stories soon...

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  1. Thanks for the updates. You guys are going to be busy for quite awhile. I love seeing how things unfold from "behind the scenes".