Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring snow and Trampoline marraige proposals

They say that March is the snowiest month in Colorado. It was hard to believe on Sunday when I rode in shorts and a sleeveless jersey (and got a sun burn).Sure snowed.

When the sun is out in town, it's hard for me to make it up to the mountains. However, we have a busy season coming up so I figured I'd get my fill.

Today, I escaped to Eldora for a few runs. It snowed 9" yesterday so I figured it would be a good time to make it happen. Since I went solo, I had some interesting chair lift conversations. Here are some highlights:
  • I learned from a Colorado State probation officer that meth is the white rural drug of choice and that it's the bane of Colorado's drug society.
  • I learned that Haworth the office furniture company is $400million off on 2009's revenue. Ouch.
  • I learned that somehow when I'm in my snowboard gear I look like a CU college student (that's what everybody assumed)
  • Last week, I was in Boulder with my Uncle and saw a 'Student Taxi' pick up a young lady on Walnut street. I assumed this was a free service for college students who want a free ride home so they don't have to drive drunk. Now...looking at this service after my college years, I realize what a great job this must be for the young fellow driving these ladies home. Today, I sat next to a Student Taxi Volunteer driver on a chair lift. It turns out it's pretty much a dream job....but does require some back seat clean ups from time to time.
  • Finally - I learned that being a car washer/handyman at Boulder's Porsche dealership can lead to numerous 'cougar' encounters (on the job), many free meals, and the occasional chance to drive a Carerra GT.
And since this was most likely my last time boarding for the 2008/2009 season, I thought it was appropriate to video my last ride down the hill. Be warned, I'm not much of a snowboarder after having cracked my helmet a few times during my 1st season. I like to think I make up for it on the bike. So, if you're bored and like Beastie Boys instrumentals, check this out....

Last night we went to Mr. Swift's lady's B-Day party and got to witness something truly special.
Jesse grabbed the mic at JumpStreet and I thought for sure he was going to throw down some freestylin' lyrics. But no! It turns out we witnessed a big turn in the lives of Jesse and Jessica.
The moment of truth....
Jessica accepts!!!
Jesse holds Jessica in a loving embrace.

So what do you do when you're at a trampoline-filled dodgeball facility after you become engaged to be married? Well... you jump for joy of course.

Jackie was happy for them too! I'd have done a flip, but didn't want to show anybody up.

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