Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let the growing begin!

The 5 Fully-Shaven Gentlemen Contestants

Well...the birthday party was quite eventful. We tried a new punch recipe seasoned with Southern Comfort. I called for 1 1/2 cups and we put in 6 cups. It was tasty and it resulted in a couple of things:
  • The 2009 Mustache Grow-a-Thon is AWWWWN. We will see who can grow the most impressive stache in a period of 2 months. We'll be updating the blog with progress photos, training/growing adventures, grooming tips, and categories for the final judging. And of course - we're bringing in a celebrity panel of judges for the March 3rd pose-down. We tried to get Lawyer Kurtie and Lawyer Eric to join the fun, but apparently mustaches are not as appreciated in the law community as they are in the bikes/beer industry. I even told them about Alan Dershowitz's glorious mustache ...but they would not be swayed.
  • I mentioned the punch we had at the party. Well, after perhaps one too many cups I decided to take my bike for a spin around the block at 1:30am. As a result, my face is now on the 'tales of carnage' blog posting for Team Bike (and if you want to check out the photos, be warned that some are quite meaty). Here it is.
I hope everybody's 2009 is off to a good start. I've kept my resolutions so far. Today's ride was a cold one. Lawyer Eric and I saw no other riders on the road or trail.

It wasn't a long ride, but it made our toes cold and I was able to hold true to my 'ride everyday' resolution.

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