Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bikes and beer...but no big wheels today

I gathered some troops for a tour of the Boulder County trails today. It was supposed to be a big group, but ended up being a nice quartet. Jesse and Tate (of Denver UAR and BC Bike Race fame) were supposed to come...but this happened to Jesse...
Hmmn. Looks like you're coming down a bit too steep there Jes.
Yep - sure enough. Stitches resulted. And that's why I have yet to own a dirt jumping bike. I'll stick to the pump tracks for now. Others got sick, had too much homework (whatever), or raced cross instead.
So, it was A-Nut, Lawyer Eric, and Lawyer Kurtie, and myself for 5 hours on the trails. A nice even number. Here's picture rock trail - which was great today. The temps peaked at about 45 today and I suppose that kept the riff raff off the trail - except for us of course.
Then on to Hall - which was buffed out and perfect. Man. I love Hall Ranch. We debated getting a beer at Oskar Blues on the way home - we even saw the man himself on the trail. But it was so cold that we decided to keep the train rolling and we headed back to Longmont.
For some recovery drink, I took the Masi out since it has plenty of room for beer. Actually, I think I could fit a full case in this bad boy. I'll have to try that next time.
While in the booze-mart, I saw yet another of Anheiser Busch's marketing master pieces. This one is called, "Cool Your Pipes". Classy for sure. AB knows who buys their beer I suppose: people with multiple over-heated pipes. Since I rode my bike for 5 hours in 40 degree weather, my pipe was still rather chilled.

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  1. That's one fine SoulVille there, doing what they do best- bringing love and smiles to the masses.

    Masi and New Belgium... a match made in heaven!

    Lemme know if you guys/ gals need anything...

    Much love.