Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall's the word

We've been working some and riding lots these days. It's Fall and the riding's good. Check out some of the haps:
Earlier this week, the RAAM-Mobile showed up at our door. We headed up to Jamestown for a little Monday morning cruise.
Boups, Rick, and Kurtie provided good company while my mustashe kept my lip warm on the descent back into town.
People wonder why Boulder is home to some of the best road racers in the world. Well, just check out the roads around here. They're smooth, with a big shoulder, no potholes, and the drivers are pretty used to seeing bikes all the time.
Speaking of seeing bikes all the time, we hit the Picture Rock trail on Sunday. The recent article in Velonews about it must have sparked some interest b/c the trail was hopping. We experienced some newbies that have a thing or two to learn about trail ettiquite. But I suppose it's par for the course with a new trail, on a perfect Sunday afternoon, with turns like these.
Jackie's been making friends.
She named this one Rupert. He's a big fan of her nuts.
Up in Ward, there was some snow already. I took a short breather and watched the locals get their provisions at the general store. By the way, there were 3 signs for different general stores up there - with only one in business. I guess it's a tough gig selling cigarettes, coca-cola, twine, and salt licks these days.
They did have some community hula hoops to suit everybody's size needs.
Next to me on the bench: helmet, cap, bottle, dried apples, and snow.
I'd have ridden this bad boy home if it wasn't missing a wheel.

Coming up this weekend is a big Boulder County MTB ride. We're hitting them all on Sunday: Heil, Wid Turkey, Picture Rock, Hall (antelope and rock garden) and maybe even Rabbit Mountain. If you're interested in coming along - let me know. Everybody's welcome!

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