Thursday, October 30, 2008


Jackie is back from her NYC trip. Not - not a UAR recon trip (yet;) - it was her way to embrace the energy of the city she loves so much, do some modern dance, and take in the sights and sounds.Here's Jack with Andrea, a little Swiss Miss who is living in London now. We're trying to get her and her man, Rolph, to move back to Boulder. We miss you Andrea!

I sent her on a mission to photo interesting happenings in the world of bikes and some interesting sights were definitely captured. We don't have too many street performers here in Longmont you see. She was very entertained. Check the head bang at about :30 seconds.

This fellow was rocking out with his violin and throwing down some amazing physical movements. The thing is (as Jackie and Andrea astutely observed), the audio track was being played separately - so he's not actually playing his instrument. That adds a whole different level of entertainment to his act.
Here's a very well coordinated rider. He likes the pink.
Crack - everybody's favorite snack in NYC.
Jesse - this one's for you. Speaking of Star Wars, the new XBOX 360 game, The Force Unleashed is SWEET! They've put a lot of 'the force' into this game. check it out.
The dude above liked pink, this fellow likes red apparently. And he likes downhill MTB fenders - cuz you know how you want to keep the NYC mud out of you eyes and off the back of your neck.
A little fixed gear freestylin' throwdown. I'd have liked to see this one.
Here's BatMan with his new more eco-friendly 'Bat Mobile" - complete with Flava Flav clock/back rest. WA-BAM
Not the safest city to ride in for sure. Hopefully this crumpled bike was not supporting a rider when this sign was rolled over by a fast moving car.

You know...just some things you don't see everyday unless you happen to live in the Big Apple.

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