Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some things that tickly my fancy today

  • watching 100's of people ride around in circle, in places they would otherwise never ride, jumping off their bikes to run over barriers, and drinking beer afterwards. In a word: cyclocross. The Blue Sky race was a blast yesterday. I started far at the back since I didn't pre-register, never got passed and passed plenty of folks, and saw some fancy riding from Georgia Gould. Georgia was one the US's mountain bike olympians. She raced men's 3's, then went on to dominate the women's race. I talked to her afterwards about her bike, her race, and living in Ft Collins. Cool girl.
  • Knowing that I've two awesome shows to look forward to: Kings of Leon on Thursday and the Beastie Boys the following week.
  • Ali G
  • Jackie's making breakfast - and Kurtie's coming by for a ride
  • My cross bike
  • Tax breaks for bike riders
  • Sprinkles

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