Friday, October 31, 2008

Just your average night for grown ups

After a long day planning cities, dates, sponsors, obstacles for next year's UAR, Jeffy Jeff gave a rang and wanted to play. We drank some hoppy IPAs and a caffeinated porter, then headed to Fritzler's Maze with Lil Miss Jack. Jackie's all over celebrating the holidays (you should see our porch - SCARY!) - so this was right up her alley.

Fritzlers is a gigantic corn maze, filled with all sorts of scary entertainment. They really do a great job - and it's super popular. 5000 people come on the weekend days and the line is 3 hours long! We went on a Thursday, so we beat the rush.

Before the main feature, we hit up some other entertainment. Notice the kids getting boosted and running away from us:

We asked to make sure this is open to big kids too...and we were allowed. But the funniest thing is that we were bouncing kids off all over the place. They couldn't get up, they'd just roll off the sides. Then the parents made all of their kids get off and it was just Jeff, Jack, and me! We had our fun, then got off the pillow jump. Then it was swarmed by a dozen kids eagerly waiting for us have our fill of jollys, so that they could resume their fun. Sorry kids - big kids gotta get down too!
They also had some pedal-powered go carts (and now you see why this post has significance on this blog;). But no bumping allowed :( - that's more of an Urban Assault Ride obstacle and they had to keep this one safe. That's dust - not snow BTW.
"The Creature" was sweet too. It was a huge inflatable spooky monster maze inside and you walk through its innards. At one point you see its inflamed red colon - actually, on 2nd thought, maybe that was supposed to be its heart - but it was rather far back. But I don't claim to be an expert on inflatable monster anatomy. I will tell you I was impressed with this inflatable masterpiece. Considering, we rent inflatables all over the country - this one was top notch.

Then it was on to the SCARY MAIZE MAZE. I didn't take any photos, as I didn't want to spoil any surprises. But let me tell you - it's really awesome and it will spook you, make you a bit claustrophobic (even if you don't think you're claustrophobic), very dizzy, and your ears will likely ring from all the high school cheerleaders screaming all around you. You know...tons of fun!

So we headed home to show Jeff how to play XBOX 360. He was rocking Force Unleashed, and he got a kick of seeing me snipe pedestrians and run over the PoPo on Grand Theft Auto 4.

And then to cap off the night, Jackie made some of her famous "Feisty Jack" cookies.
So you know, just another typical day in the world of the UAR: Pillow hopping, Go-Carts, a haunted maze, video games, cookies, and of course some great beer. I rode my bike too!

In other news:
This local USPS official is rocking a new delivery vehicle. I'll set him up with some UAR schwag when I see him next. I bet he'd tear it up if we ever had a race here in Longmont!

There's a new race coming to town: the Breck Epic. It's a 6 day, 250+ mile single track adventure. 2-person teams (I'm all over that), beautiful scenery, and a 'clover leaf' course. The only problem is that it starts the day after one of my favorite races: the Firecracker 50. I'm definitely in for the Firecracker, the question is, can I recover in such a short time to race for 6 more days. And it'll be smack dab in the middle of the UAR season. Well...I better start waking up real early and putting in the miles.

This weekend, we've got a sweet North Colorado ride planned: Devil's Backbone, Blue Sky, Lory, Lunch in FtC, then back again. And on Sunday, looks like I'll be riding in circles in Boulder. Then drinking some beer of course!

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