Monday, October 13, 2008

Here's the haps:

Jackie and I took a trip to New Mexico. It's a special place for me and for us. For some, but not exclusively these reasons: We eloped in Santa Fe. I love riding the Chamisa and Windsor trail. The Black Canyon campground is the most luxurious car camping ever. The history is amazing - considering the united states are so young, yet the NM culture is so old and true. And - the food and people and ways of the world are just damn fantastic. Here's what the camera saw....
One of the reasons we go to Santa Fe each year is for this trail: Chamisa/Windsor. It's one of my favorities due to the varied terrain, elevation gain/loss(I ride as an out and back), and of course turns like these. If you're a rider, click this picture. Downhill, banked, smooth turns for about 1000'. For me, this is why I'm on this planet.
Jackie accompanied me along with our doggies, Rasta and Maple. We hiked, camped, and loved the colors of fall.
On the way there, I got caught having a bit too much fun. 51 in a 35 means a ticket in Cimarron. Damn.
At the campsite, we did plenty of good cooking. Eggs, turkey sausage, and green chilis in the AM. MMMMMMM!!!!!
The firewood we used for our nightly campfires, was beetle kill. I was happy to see a use for this wood. If/when we build our next house, it will be with bettle kill wood. Gots to make use of what needs to be used.
The trails in Santa Fe are plentiful and uncrowded. It's my favorite time to ride - with longsleeves and shorts. This is Borrego/Bear Wallow/Chimisa.
The Dale Ball trails were on tap for the next ride. These are the PERFECT SINGLE SPEED TRAILS. No major climbs, plenty of fun turns and loops, smoothness, and great views. What's best is that they are about a 15 minute ride from downtown Santa Fe. Each turn has markers like this, so you can't get lost.
Here's a memorial. I have to say that when I go, this is how I want to be remembered: on a trail with fancy trinkets of affection. As a matter of fact, I think I will add that exact line to my will,
"Remember me on a trail, with fancy trinkets of affection." There. It has been said.
Then it was on to Taos, where trails and town markers greet you upon entering. This is the Devisadero trail. It's the 'intown ride' that the bike shop recommended. I rode it on a Sunday and saw no other riders, just a handful of hikers. I was hiking my bike all over the place...and I have to say, I'm a pretty decent rider with some technical knowledge. This can't be a favorite local trail...but it is cool to ride considering the history. I think they gave me the old "here - ride this gringo" trail recommendation. But that's cool - I paid my dues.
Taos is an incredibly amazing place. This is the Taos Pueblo. It's a sovereign nation within the United States (think about that for a second) and the longest continually inhabited place in the U.S.
The Indians that live here live by a code that has existed "longer than history itself". They live here without running water or electricity. They bathe and drink the water from the river that flows through the village. It's amazing that we are allowed to go into this place. Much respect.
Here's the graveyard where their alter once stood. Many worship mother nature - to this day. Yet the Spanish felt this was uncivilized, so they killed them until they became Catholic. Since so many deaths occurred trying to protect their beliefs, they turned this space into a cemetery.
I enjoyed the visit and the trails that countless souls must have experienced.
Rasta found a log that she carried around for a few miles. Maple couldn't hold it up - pretty funny.
The colors were popping and it was THE place to be - according to me and Jackie and the pups, at least.
At the Taos Inn, I enjoyed some new beers. This one came with its own souvenir goat. Very nice!
We traveled in style - biodiesel, blacksheep, and good tunes.
We got Maple a new pack. She carried the water for her and Rasta....and it helped her go to sleep a little bit faster.
I'm sad to say, that by being in New Mexico, we missed Austin Bikes Grand Reopening. Sol and Eric...we were there in spirit.

And now...we're back to work. We've got plenty up our sleeves for next year. Nothing like a little R and R to recharge the batteries, right?

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