Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Getting all political - in a bike sorta way

Last week we met with the city of Denver to talk about next year's UAR. Seems they want to create a No Car Day and the Urban Assault Ride fits the bill as a good way to make this happen - (while getting hopefully 1000 folks buzzed at the after party :). Nothing like the empowerment of the bicycle when combined with a tasty malty beverage...at least in my eyes.

At this meeting we were invited to a fundraiser for Mark Udall, a Colorado Congressman, who is running for senate. Mark is right up my alley. He's climbed of CO's 14'ers, he rides bikes, and he's got a long history of appreciating the beautiful outdoors that we all enjoy so much. So, Lawyer Kurtie, Lawyer Eric, and myself had to check out this little shindig that was all about rallying Boulder cyclists for Udall. We hung with some two wheeled celebs: Andy Hampsten, Mike Barrow, Jared Polis (he says he rides, so we'll give him the benefit of the doubt), even Davis Phinney.
Plenty of $$$ was raised, Old Chub was imbibed, and we even got to hear a big politician talk about creating bike access to national park trails and how fricken important it is to get out and vote (for Obama of course).

So...it was a good time. It made me feel all grown up. Hanging with my attorney friends talking to a congressman.

But prior to that it was business as usual. I had a long talk with Stevil Kinevil about how we're going to take over the world by means of bicycle. We also talked about his NYC art exhibit, UAR jerseys, and new UAR cities (what do you think of Boise?)

Then I rode my bike. I don't care what you spoiled Boulderites say - Betasso is awesome. I'd ride the shit out of it if I lived a bit closer.

Betasso: A nice aerobic ride on trails with minimal road riding, great views, sweeping pumpy turns, and quite possibly the perfect afternoon ride.
Damn Kurtie! What - have you been pumping some iron? You're looking HUGE! What are you a sold buck twenty these days? Just kidding - you know you climb like a rock squirrel.

And if you've read this far, I suppose I'll share my new favorite joke with you. It's not particularly P.C. - but check it out HERE.

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