Sunday, October 5, 2008

Yellow Brick Road

The season has come to an end and it's no coincidence that we timed it so we can enjoy Fall in the mountains. So it was time to hit the trails with the boys and it couldn't have been more perfect. Check it out...
Swift, Kurtie, and I headed up to Kenosha Pass to check out the aspens and tear up the single track. This trail gets REALLY crowded on the weekends, so Friday was the perfect day....and the colors were peaking.
Jesse - displaying some skills crossing the narrow bridge with a wheelie. Styles for Miles.
Kurtie decided to head back to D-Town for a party instead of joining us for the next day's adventures. In this photo, Kurtie is pouting and he probably looks just like this now as he sees the next photos of the Monarch Crest ride.
Jesse ended up breaking his speedball, so instead of camping we headed back to Golden for the night so he could swap out his post. He's got a mighty fine Star Wars festish - and this is just a small part of his collection. It's rather impressive - I must say.
Then - I became addicted to Guitar Hero. I get it now. At 1st...not so much. But now - I think I've thought about playing it 3 times already today. Rage Against the Machine's songs were my favorites. It's also sweet going head to head where one person plays bass while the other's on guiter. I see a new game in my future.
We set the alarm for an early rising and headed south on 285 through what has to be some of the most beautiful sections of road in the world right now. We listened to music and really enjoyed the tunes. Jesse learned about the Black Keys and got a taste of Santo Gold. He opened my eyes to this song and the new CD by Murs. I love me some new music. We took a shuttle to Monarch Pass - I'm happy to say it was my 1st shuttle ever. But this is no easy downhill run....
Monarch Crest was quite possibly the best MTB ride of my life. Tons of changing terrain. It starts above tree line with some flowing single track with killer views.
It drops into a valley where you get a nice view of the aspens and a long decent.
Check it - Rasta colors occurring in nature.
...into a veggie tunnel of yellow and green...
...into more downhill - this time on some scree...
and finally some 'yellow brick road'...

Sorry for the finger over the lens. I need a helmet cam or something. But you get the gist right? So yeah....truly a wonderful couple days on the bike. Maybe next year, we'll organize a bike Colorado fall MTB tour.

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