Monday, January 12, 2009

Beer and bikes and graffiti.

Another reason why Amsterdam is in the top 5 coolest cities in the world: The Beer Bike.

You got your pedaling, beer drinking (with keg on board), you've got your friends with you, you've got the Jackson 5 rocking...what else do you need? Well - that's probably covered too. You're in Amsterdam!

In other news...did you hear about Chad Gerlach? He was a previous pro roadie - riding for the USPS team no less. The has a bit of a 'tude, but was a killer rider (so I've heard). He called Lance "doughboy"- I guess that's a no-no. Then he was kicked of USPS, then his friend was murdered, then tried crack, then he was living on the street, then he was addicted to crack, then he was on a TBS show called Intervention, then he went to rehab, then he was signed to a pro European team. Seems like he'd be a fun guy to ride with, huh? Here's PEZ's coverage.
That's a shot of Chad smoking a bit of crack. Don't fret - the bike is propped up in the background. It's all good - I guess he just needed a little break. Just think how fast he's going to be with all that residual crack in his system.

We're working the 2009 shirt design and i've been really into graffiti lately. I know it get's a bad wrap, but it's truly art. Also - in case you didn't know, there's a freight line outside of my front door, so I get to see some of the countries best freight 'writings' every day. Jackie got me this book for the holidays. It's cool b/c I see where the trains have been over time: NYC, Philly, LA, you name it - the art speaks for itself.
Mr Swift is a big fan of street art too. He showed me the Krink brand of pens which are super runny. I like.
You see - there's tie-in with street art and bikes. And it does not have to be fixies either (as displayed on Lance's NYC Madone).

So that's what I've got for you today. So there.


  1. Ideaz?

  2. They have that bike/bar trolley in MPLS too. They call it 'The Pedal Pub' - check it, don't wreck it, literally.