Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tuscon Recon - Hey it rhymes!

We're learning the ropes of the fine city of Tucson. It's interesting when you've been to so many downtown areas that you see similiarities. Parts of Tucson remind me of San Antonio, Austin, and a little bit of El Cajon CA. We've seen a good amount of riders braving the harsh 70 degree winter temps. Like this guy:
His turban/sauce pan hat was the 1st thing that caught my attention. Then he accellerated with out pedaling. Tucson must be testing out some new electric bike creations.
Tucson is also sporting some cool recycled bike part trash cans. This tickles my fancy.
This sign warns of railroad tracks - right next to our start/finish venue. This could make for an interesting sight as 100's of riders bump elbows at the start. Looks like we'll have to roll out some carpet on the tracks.

We had such a favorable response to our previous Flight of the Conchords video, that we're throwing down the Rhymenocerous vs. Hiphopapotamous .

Tonight we'll sample some more local beers and report back soon.

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