Saturday, January 17, 2009

Beer, bikes, and cactus.

One very big (5 foot tall barrel cactus on the Sweetwater trail)

We've wrapped up our trip in AZ and everything went really smooth. After 7 years of this, we're getting the system down. From now on, I'll judge the success of our recon trips by how many rides and hikes we go on.
Today started out with another spin with Todd. Todd's the man behind Epic Rides. He's the producer of the 24 in the Old Pueblo and the Whiskey OffRoad (among others). It was great to talk shop while we hit the MTBs. Todd's a good guy - we both actually grew up in Cow Town - the one and only FtW, Tejas. These days, we're both purveyors of fine cycling events - he sticks to the MTB and I keep in on the alleys and among the skyscrapers. Thanks for the bike hook up and tour of the trails, Todd!!!!
we hit a cool network of trails called Sweetwater - and although we didn't see much water, the trails were sweet. Tucson's got some great local singletrack - really close to the city. I can only imagine the road rides - there are mountains in pretty much every direction.
After the ride, Jackie and I rendezvous'd for a hike. The weather was so fine, I was able to sun my white, colorado-wintery body. It felt great. And no cactus needles got stuck in my ass today - Yay!
We saw plenty of cactus and learned all about the Sonoran desert. Crazy that this is the heart of winter in Tucson!

And even though winter isn't exactly winter in AZ, they still get New Belgium's winter seasonals - which I'm quite happy to enjoy.

Tomorrow - I'll be riding the hills in Colorado! Thanks for the fun Tucson!

Oh...and one more thing. Here's a video of Ryan Seacreast getting a bit overzealous with his high 5's. Uh, Ryan....the dude's blind, yo! Doh!

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