Friday, January 9, 2009

Burrito talk.

Behold...the Cilantro Mary's Cowboy Burrito.

Like I mentioned earlier this week, 1/5/09 was the real start to the year for us. Let's just say it's been a tad bit of a shock to the system. Next week we'll be on recon in Tucson. And I'm all about riding some local trails. TSadow is hooking me up for a ride or two - but if you're a Tucson local and want to hit the trails...I'm all in.

JackityJack and I are about to head out for the world's best burrito. Yeah, you may think you have a good burrito joint - but you're wrong. Unless you've had a Cowboy Burrito from Cilantro Mary's, I don't even want to have the discussion. And the owner's right-wing civilities keeps the place entertaining. So - if you've been to Lyons, CO and eaten one of these badboys, then - and only then will I have the discussion of world's best burrito. Keep in mind - I grew up in TX and have eaten at: Chuy's, Guero's, Polvo's, Chango's, Arandas, Freebirds(yuck) and of course the old stand by Chipotle. I know what I'm talking about. And let's be clear - I'm not putting down Chipotle. I'm their #1 fan - for many reasons (natural meat, international cycling team sponsorship, UAR supporters, etc) - but I'm pretty sure that when Chipotle staffers are in Lyons, they eat at Cilantro Marys.

And a modern day blog post wouldn't suffice without a multi-media presentation. so here's a photo I came across when hunting for new UAR partners.

I got this one from Knog

For the of rides. Tear it up and live to tell.
Oh..and here's one video to keep things interesting..

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