Friday, January 16, 2009

Living the life in Tucson

Jackie and I hit the streets today securing checkpoints and making new friends. The UAR is unique b/c since we don't close off roads we typically don't need a city permit. We met with the Tuscon Police city permit official for a drink - he happened to be a famous national champion football player, greco-roman wrestler, kitten rescuer, police lieutenant, side arm carrier, and fan of Star Wars. Jackie and I wish all of our city meetings would go like this. I'm kicking myself for not taking a photo of his ring. While we were in our meeting, two people asked to see his ring. It was huge, covered in diamonds, and he wore it proudly. The next time we come to town, I will surly take a photo - of him holding his pistol in the hand with the ring.
I met up with TSadow for a spin around some of Tucson's urban single track. Not too shabby - to say the least. It took me a little while to learn how the rocks rolled, but after about 30 minutes, my borrowed Fisher 29er was doing just fine.
A short climb up the road (where we happened to see a Garmin Chipotle rider doing repeats) and here's your view before you drop into the trail.
Our afternoon ride turned into a sunset ride which was a sight to see. The desert sunsets seem to last a lot longer than most and the light is fantastic.
Shortly before this shot was taken, I brushed some cacti with my ass. Lucky Jackie got to pull out needles when I got back. She wondered how I got them in my crack. I attributed it to the wonders of lycra.
Thank goodness the days are getting longer. The sun was down at 6pm. I can't wait until summer nights with 9pm sunsets.
Mi Nidito was recommended to us TWICE so we braved the hour line and tried some Mexican tastiness - like this Mango Cheese Tostada. There was a ton of food, so I'll have some breakfast before tomorrow's ride.

We decided to stay an extra day and take in a fun day in Tucson. A tour of Sabino Canyon, another tour of local single track, and some more local mexican fare is on tap for tomorrow's adventures.

In other news, our man Hans is showing off some ice bike action. Sorry for all you folks taking in the cold weather. (especially those in -50 degree Maine!) We'll be thinking of you while we're riding trails in shorts and a shortsleeve jersey with sweat trickling down our faces.

For those of you wondering what that "G" commercial is all about, G stands for Gatorade.

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