Thursday, January 22, 2009

A new level in big wheel performance

Another couple of good finds from Mr. Swift. Check this big wheel back flip! Apparently Johnny Knoxville and Travis Pastrana have teamed up for a new show and big wheels are on tap. Check out some more photos and stunts here. The thing I don't understand is how they land without cracking their tailbones. You can't cushion your fall on a big wheel - you take all of the impact on your ass. I've jumped my fair share of curbs - and it's not pleasant. But then again - these are the superstar daredevils of the world so I suppose they have developed some Coccyx resilience.
and how do they get up to speed you ask? On this ramp. wow.
There's a cool new DIESEL V6 VW Toureg on the way. Here's a rally version - but it'll get 25mpg on highway - and it could run on bio!

Our friends at Clifbar are in the middle of the Peanut Butter scare. It's a damn shame - peanut butter is one of my top 5 favorite foods. Clif has recalled 14 of their products (that's a lot of bars) since they could have the bad nuts. They've even temporarily changed their website so the recall info is clear. Wow - so now there's been a beef recall, spinach recall, peanut recall. Just imagine what would happen if there was a bad corn strand. EVERYTHING would have to be destroyed. But I'm sure the corn producers have engineered their cobs so well that it'll never happen, right?

The folks at Rapha have a unique sponsorship/VIP club offering. They're smart to capitalize on the exclusiveness of their brand. So the ideas is that individuals and companies can become a limited member of the 'rapha club' pay paying $1300 (or $13,000 for corparate) membership to be in the club. As a member you get to ride with the team, watch races from the team car, and even wear the same clothes. Hmmn. that's an interesting spin on the traditional sponsorship model. Should be interesting to see how it works out. An old friend from Austin, Kristian House, rides on the real Rapha team and I've been trying to convince him to send me a jersey. Looks like I'd have to pony up $13K first. Sure is a cool jersey though! to the gym. Best of rides yo!

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