Saturday, January 10, 2009

Things bike related....

Rasta's smarter than this dog. I'm going to see if we get get her rolling without training wheels.

Whistler: Damn this looks like fun. I REALLY need to get out there. I think the Maverick ML7.5 would be PERFECT here!

Mavic recalled the hollow carbon-spoked R-Sys (front only). I wonder why?

Apparently, it's the French company's 1st US recall. They're offering a FREE Askium wheelset (to keep!) so they can buy some time until they figure out what they're going to do to replace the R-Sys. I actually have a set of these wheels and they've been great - as are all Mavic wheels from my experience. I do say I was a bit hesitant to ride this wheel after seeing such photos, but then I saw Georgia Gould racing them on her cross bike, so I figured it must be an isolated incident. When I got my wheels, I actually had a broken spoke (carbon on the rear) right out of the box. When we got the replacement spoke, we had an extra that we decided to test. I figured it would break like uncooked spaghetti. But no....a strapping young buck like myself could not break the spoke at all! They're SUPER strong, but everything can break in the wrong situation. I guess when one goes, they all go. Thank you Mavic for taking care of this!

The coolest Trek paint job ever?
Yes - indeed. This is LA's custom NYC Madone. Lance get's all the cool shit, huh? We're in touch with the designer (Trek's head graphic designer) to see if he can help us with the 2009 UAR shirt. That'll be SWEET!

This is called the "Ultimate Wheel". It's 36" and it's like a unicycle with no seat or fork. Damn! Just think how strong your core must be to ride this and not scrape your butt or legs as the wheel moves. Impressive.
There's a caption contest on MTBR that has a photo from the UAR in Portland. Good ol Team Beer representing. I will admit - it's a rather disturbing photo, but there have been worse for sure. You should see the photos from the 'No-handed banana eating' obstacle we did in San Antonio. Sorry about that Jamba Juice and San Antonioans. Speaking of other scandalous scenes from past UARs...check the scene in the following video at :23 seconds. Wow. In the MTBR contest, my favorite entry is "Tell me again how you ripped your colon on your bike ride?"

This video will soon reside on the UAR home page. Hope you like it. I think it summarizes our tireless efforts promoting Beer Bikes and Big Wheel pleasures in about 30 seconds.

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