Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A round of sodas on me....

I'm happy to announce a new partnership with Blue Sky Soda and Blue Sky Energy. Our staff and volunteers will be revving up with Blue Energy and our riders will be refreshed with Blue Sky natural sodas. Personally, I've been a fan for a long time. I especially like orange soda and the root beer. Which is great b/c now we have root beer for the kiddos at the UAR and NBB beer for the over 21ers. The drink provisions are now complete. Welcome Blue Sky Soda!

It seems like it's been forever since I've ridden - even though it was just Saturday. The thing is, it's been so cold (-8) this morning, that I've had a hard time talking myself into it. There have been some locals hitting the trails though
Here's Hall Ranch today
Here is was on Saturday. Crazy, huh? Kinda makes me wish I was in Tucson again.

2009 schedule....

Well here are the 2009 New Belgium Brewing Urban Assault Ride confirmed dates.

We're waiting on one more city in order to release the final schedule. But mark you calendars...here's where we'll be this year.

Tucson, AZ 4/19
Nashville, TN 4/26
Seattle, WA 5/17
Portland, OR 5/31
Austin, TX 6/28
Fort Collins, CO 7/19
Denver, CO 7/26
St. Louis, MO 8/16
Chicago, IL 9/20
Minneapolis, MN 9/27

I'm already looking forward to the series finale in MPLS. That's going to be one big after party!


  1. i thought i saw madison on a previous list for the end of august. what happened? i hope we didn't loose it! cheers.

  2. Madison is the one that we're working on. We should have that wrapped up this week. Keep your fingers crossed!

  3. ouch... a real downer with the madison news today. what happened?

  4. It's a long story - but let's just say that the economy is hitting just about every industry. Hope you can make it to another UAR!