Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Where to begin...

The new year is always a chance to start fresh. As is a new birthday. As is any moment, when you really think about it. As they say "Today is the 1st day of the rest of your life", right?

January 5th was the REAL start of the season. When the UAR crew hit the ground running. Planning 3 new cities, working on new design, coming up with fresh obstacles, planning ways to avoid beer lines, bringing in new sponsors, and generally envisioning the best possible day on your bike in your city.

Looking down the barrel of a gun this big is no easy task. You have to take it one day at a time. One event at a time. One recyclable beer cup at a time. Luckily there are some ways to cope with this. Here are my tips for getting through one of those days when you wake up and your mind is going in a 100 different directions. My mind this morning reminded me of the the crowd in between shows at ACL - everybody is on a mission to get to one of 12 different stages - which are all over the venue. Kinda hard to explain, but a spectacle to behold. are my tips.
  1. Coffee - I feel sorry for those that don't share the love for filtered water poured over ground up coffee beans. It moves the mind into a higher gear. One that has become a standard gear for my productivity. Caffeine also increases fat metabolism - which is a good thing for most. And for those that don't believe in caffiene..well, you have no idea how productive you could be. So like I said - I feel sorry for you.
  2. Music - it's food for the soul. I almost always have music playing. I'll start out with something mellow. And then the coffee sets in and the tempo picks up. For those at work without speakers, headphones are a must - in my opinion. Here's my recommended music menu for the work day: 7:30-9am (Mason Jennings), then you need to get into your rhythm - how about some Hippity Hop 9am-1 (maybe some Common or Tribe). After lunch, it's time to rock. There are many options here. CCR, Red Fang, Kings of Leon, and Black Keys always do it for me. That should get you through the work day. Then, there's the drive home and NPR should do the trick.
  3. RIDE. If you're really cool - you'll ride to work and back. If for one excuse or another, you don't commute by bicycle, then you GOTSTA step away and ride to keep the world in harmony. Let's say something is bugging you, a problem you are having a hard time solving perhaps. A nice ride will clear the head so that when you come back to it, a good solution is imminent. Trust me - do it. You'll feel better.
Those are my top 3. In fact, this makes me want to drink some coffee, and listen to the black keys while riding the trainer. So there. Take my pearls of wisdom for what they're worth.

In other UAR news, we have a couple late, but new entries into the mustache contest. These are the last two.

Here's a photo of Tim with a clean upper lip. I belive he was taking a pee when this photo was taken, which explains the bewildered look.
Then we have Colin's long upper lip. We'll see what ginger stubble he will unleash.

I'm also happy to announce that we have a new UAR poster child. No longer will a happy smiling blond chick grace the website header, posters, and ads. Not in 2009. Instead it will be this guy.
There's nothing like a gentleman with a glorious bearded mane power-sliding on a big wheel.

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