Monday, January 26, 2009


The troops were rallyed for a long Saturday ride on BOCO's best trails. They were in great shape and the sub 40 degree temps seem to keep a lot of folks away. We got in a good 4+ hour ride.
One of the main topics of converstation was the movie Zeitgeist and its ramifications in today's world. It appearre: s that all things are not quite what they seem - not like that's a big surprise. If you've seen this movie - I'd like to hear your take. (it's online and is 2 hours long. So perhaps watch it on your laptop while riding the trainer)
We stopped for a warm up for the ride home and I saw this brilliant idea. Pasta for a stirrer -what a great idea. After stirring two different cups of coffee - it didn't even start to go limp. It's compostable of course. I always feel so guilty using a plastic stirrer, you know?

Yesterday it snowed, so despite having company for another MTB ride, Kurtie and I chose to rock out on Guitar Hero instead. I think I feel carpel tunnel coming on. Hot for Teacher is still my favorite song to play.

Music - I've been getting a bit burned out on my stuff lately - so please send some recommendations. I've decided to dive into older bands that I've heard of, but never listened to - like The Band. I've also started listening to The Kills a bit. Maybe I'll start a trend this week and only listen to music by bands that start with "The".

Well, Jack and I are about to head up to FtC to scope our new venue for the Rio Grande Urban Assault Ride (despite recent rumors of ending this event - it's coming back!) then we hook up with the good folks at the mothership.



  1. I tried to watch you conspiracy movie. The only thing sillier than the idea that thee's an all-powerful diety , is that there's an all powerful group of people. That's the last thing I'm gonna say.

  2. Zeitgeist is a fun tool to get your brain-juice flowing, but it hardly warrants real consideration.

    "The Last Waltz" - watch it with a jug of wine & a handful of friends and you're promised a great night. The Band was a force in their day.